Anne Dybka Art Glass

Dybka Strawberry Parfait GlassAnne Dybka Bottle Brush Sherry Glass Anne Dybka Strawberry Sherry Glass





Anne Dybka was an internationally renowned glass engraver. These are early works of screen printed glasses from the 60’s & 70’s either done at Old Chelsea Glassware (Melbourne) or Crown Crystal Glass (Sydney).

Martini Glass Australia

Martini Glass Australia was the business name of a partnership between Mark Galton and Tina Cooper from the early to mid 1990’s operating firstly out of the craft works in the Old Ginger Factory at Buderim and then later at the Treehaven Way Studio at Maleny, both in SE Qld.

Martini Glass GobletsMartini Glass Australia Goblet Martini Glass Australia Goblet Martini Glass Australia Goblet  Martini Glass Australia Vase Martini Glass Australia Vase Martini Glass Australia VaseMartini Glass Australia Bowl

B. Jane Cowie Art Glass

Jane is professionally known as B. Jane Cowie. Her paper labels and signed glass will mostly show Jane Cowie whilst some of her signed pieces will show B. Jane Cowie. She is now based in Singapore and is involved in large art glass installations for private, commercial and public spaces. Her work is always eyecatching.

Jane Cowie Tulip Goblets

Greg Royer Art Glass

Greg Royer Celestial Dancers

Celestial Dancers by Greg Royer, Man & Woman Statues 40cm high, one pink, one purple, they were made at Sunshine Coast Hot Glass Studio in Yandina Qld in the 90’s.

Greg Royer Oil BurnerGreg Royer Paperweight


Oil burner & Paperweight both made in Montville Qld 1995.

Art Glass Tropical Fish

Art Glass Tropical FishHas anyone seen anything like this catch of the day? I caught him on a long line to Tassie but he could have swum the currents from anywhere. Weighing 750g, he is 16cm x 13cm x 13cm and extremely tropical in colour. Can anyone offer suggestions as to the creative glass artist?

Argyle Glass Sydney

Argyle Glass Puppy Argyle Glass Puppy





Here is a historical little fella from Argyle Glass made around 1972. It was a happening place “in the day” and many of our great glass artists had a presence there. Wonder who might have worked with a torch then. Body is clear, nose, eyes & ears are black glass but collar is painted.